Goals and Scriptural Foundations

Program Goals
Confident Kids support groups are designed to do the following:

  • Teach children the skills necessary to understand, talk about, and cope with their life circumstances in healthy and positive ways.
  • Encourage children to talk about their experiences in a loving, safe environment.
  • Build self-esteem and a sense of trust through relationships with caring adults (program facilitators).
  • Influence the home environment by teaching the parents the same skills being taught to the children through the means of a concurrent parents' group.
  • Guide children and parents into a relationship with God and teach them to use prayer and Scripture as resources in dealing with their life circumstances.

These goals are accomplished through three program elements, which work together to accomplish the program goals:


  1. A Life Skills Curriculum. The Confident Kids curriculum teaches children a core set of healthy living skills needed to understand and cope with their life situations.
  2. A Support Group Environment. Confident Kids leaders are carefully trained to teach the curriculum in an environment which is emotionally safe and conducive to helping kids work through their life experiences.
  3. A Concurrent Parents' Group. Through the parents' group, the entire family system is impacted as parents and kids are learning and growing together.

Scriptural Foundations
Confident Kids seeks to help children who are in danger of disconnecting from God, find Him as a personal friend and source of strength in the midst of their life experiences. The session plans include carefully selected Bible stories, memory verses, and small group prayer times to communicate four Scriptural truths.

  • God is a loving caregiver who is always present and gives us support in difficult times. Joshua 1:9, Romans 8:38-39, I Peter 5:7
  • Jesus knows what it means to suffer and be hurt and therefore can help us when we experience suffering and hurt. Hebrews 2:18, and the Easter events (which help kids connect with Jesus' suffering and difficult choices).
  • When we pray honestly about what we are feeling, God helps us find comfort and peace. Philippians 4:6-7
  • God intends a hopeful, purposeful future for us, no matter how painful the present may seem. Jeremiah 29:11